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This form is for you to tell us about your project so we can efficiently and accurately quote it. Please take a few minutes and tell us about your project by filling in as much information as you can. All information submitted through this portal will remain secure and will not be shared with anyone. We take your privacy very seriously. All form submittals are processed only by our top management team.

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    7. Project Address or Coordinates

    We do not require a specific address, but city and state is helpful for licensing purposes.

    8.Purpose of Our Quote

    Will our quote be used in a proposal for the project? (i.e. is the project under contract or is this for bidding purposes)


    9. Proposal Schedule

    Is there a deadline for our quote to you?

    10.Proposal Format

    Do you require a formal proposal or is an email quote acceptable? Email quotes will have a quicker turnaround from our team.


    11. Final Deliverable Date

    What is the target completion date of the design services requested?

    12. Scope of Design Work

    New DesignPartial DesignDesign Review

    13. PV System Type


    14. Target PV Array Size

    What is your target DC and AC system capacity?

    15. Mounting Type

    Ground Mount - fixed rackGround Mount -trackerRoof MountCanopy/CarportHybrid (Roof/ Ground Mount/ Carport)

    16. PV Inverter Type

    String InvertersCentral Inverters

    17. Data Monitoring

    Do you require the inclusion of a Data Acquisition System (DAS)?


    18. Battery Storage

    Will our scope of work include battery storage system design?


    19. Storage Goals

    If included, please provide a short description of the functional goals of the storage system. (i.e. back-up power, stand-alone, peak shaving, load shifting, demand response, reactive power control, microgrid, etc.)

    20. Storage System Loads

    If storage is included, please list peak power demand (W), daily energy estimate (Wh), and surge loads if applicable.

    21. Utility Name

    22. Interconnection Application

    Do you need assistance with your interconnection application?


    23. Interconnection Voltage

    What is the utility grid voltage at the project site?

    24. Utility SCADA

    Does the utility require any kind of communications and control system included as part of our design?


    25. Medium Voltage

    Do you require medium voltage engineering services? If the utility will be providing this or if the system will be connecting to the load-side of the service connection, then this service is likely not needed.


    26. Point(s) of Interconnection (POI)

    Do you know how many points of interconnection there will be and the location?

    27. Building Types (Roof Mount)

    For a rooftop system, how many buildings and types of buildings?.

    28. Structural Analysis (Roof Mount)

    Do you require the services of our structural engineer to evaluate the structure for it's capacity to hold a new solar system? Do you need assistance designing the connections to the roof structure?


    29. Structural Engineering (Ground Mount)

    Do you require structural engineering of equipment pads, shade structures, or anything on the site?


    30. Civil Engineering (Ground Mount)

    Do you require a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), documents for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP), or a grading and drainage design?


    31. Arc Flash Hazard Analysis

    Do you require an arc flash hazard analysis?

    32. Permitting

    Do you require assistance with any over-the-counter or non-ministerial permits such as building, electrical, wetland determinations, historical, cultural, zoning variance, etc?


    33. Permitting Notes

    Leave any comments regarding permits here.

    34. General Notes

    Leave general comments or expand on any item above

    35. Project Site

    36. Contractor

    37. Design Information

    38. Project Notes

    39. Modules

    40. Layout

    41. File Attachments

    Upload any documents you already have on the project that will inform our work.

    Non-Disclosure Policy

    rProcess does not share any details provided by their clients or potential clients with anyone outside of our proposal team. We value your confidence in us and treat every submission through this form as it is protected by a non-disclosure agreement.

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