We are focused on partnering with installers and contractors in the U.S. to bring in efficiencies on the Designs and Engineering Drawings. Turnaround — within a few hours!

Our Services :

Our Services is Delivered in Time, showcases our passion for quality. We are equally rational in our pursuit of quality, therefore we engage with our customers during the pre-sales level in order to understand the requirements of the client and to find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy.

Our expertise:

Our designs are guaranteed to be accurate and fully compliant with structural, electrical and building requirements. We have worked on numerous utility scale projects.

One of our current AutoCAD services

Providing PV Solar Technical Drawings at high proficiency to our partners and end consumers.

We Speed up the design and engineering process of large-scale solar PV projects to boost teams' efficiency, increase accuracy, and reduce the construction costs of PV plants. PVDesign is a game-changing technology that is revolutionizing the way solar power plants are designed and engineered.

PV-design is specially design to close your solar leads. PV solar design also helps you to finding our exact site capacity & accurate shadow analysis. We provide complete BOM of structure with PV-design. So you can quote more accurately to customers.

We assist our clients globally to achieve :

  • Help in designing cost effective and optimum PV system for installation , reduces the loss in electricity and balance the load
  • Prepare PV stimulation and BOQ for the PV installation and help end customers in forecasting the numbers

Our design team have expertise on below :

rProcess has managed several residential PV design using AutoCAD 2020, includes below on numerous utility scale solar projects

  • Our Technical understanding/ Drawings - Residential/Commercial PV drafting
  • PV layout drawings,
  • PV single line diagram,
  • We have attachment/Racking and Mounting experience in Ballast, Ground mount, and Asphalt shingle cables to POC, Load calculations,
  • Inverter and Battery storage experience with SolarEdge, Enphase, and SMA inverters Wiring, building other equipment's data sheets.
  • BoQ - The plan set is very detailed on equipment count and quantities. As for producing a BoQ for each project this is something we can provide with details shared on customers equipment distributors and the constant fluctuations of distributor equipment cost.

Commercial design experience

Average turn around time < 72 hours

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